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Happy International Nurses Week!

DSN's Ray Skyers, RN

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, it is important to remember all of the good being done in the world. Healthcare providers have been at the forefront of pandemic risking their lives and foregoing time with their loved ones due to a call of action. International Nurses Week, which starts today and runs thru May 12th (Florence Nightingale’s birthday), offers an important opportunity for us to remember and recognize all of the healthcare pros that you know personally and professionally.

This week we would like to highlight one of our DSN team members who has been in the trenches with his fellow colleagues working tirelessly to assist in combatting the coronavirus. Ray Skyers (pictured above) is a Registered Nurse who has not only been a part of DSN for several years but has also been working as a dialysis nurse. With his background and level of experience he has been on the forefront of this crisis. This week, Ray is in New York (along with more than 95,000 healthcare volunteers from across the US) working to provide much-needed assistance and relief for his fellow healthcare providers. Thank you Ray for all you’ve done, continue to do and will do in the future!

Thank you to all of the nurses out there who continue to push on. Your tireless dedication and commitment is greatly appreciated by us all. Happy International Nurses Week!

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