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Same Boat, Different Storms

How can DSN help?

We are currently living in unprecedented times. And the term “new normal” will now be commonplace in everyday conversation. Here at DSN, we are dedicated to helping our clients, partners, and team members work through the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for this “new normal”. Whether that means helping to adjust active study programs impacted by the pandemic, developing and implementing new approaches to help our clients create effective treatments for infected patients, or ensuring that one of our own team members has the support they need at home.

We know that nearly everyone around the world is dealing with some form of impact from this pandemic. As the dynamics of everyday business changes, we are actively learning new ways to help others (and ourselves) navigate these changes and challenges. Based on our recent experience with our clients and partners, some common requests and modifications we’ve been delivering include:

  • Performing remote Pre-Study Visits, and Feasibility and Monitoring Visits;

  • Providing guidance and support to sponsors and clinical research staff at sites;

  • Support with writing necessary protocol amendments due to changes or limitations in patient follow up and procedures;

  • Conducting (early) Interim Analysis or developing Clinical Study Reports if a program is delayed due to a pause in enrollment.

DSN’s ongoing success can be attributed to its strong team culture. And that is because supporting our team members has always been a top priority. We continue prioritization of safety within our company as our open work-from-home policy enables us to seamlessly comply with local social distancing guidelines, while still delivering key program elements to our global clients. During this time, we are also committed to offering flexibility to our team members with families as we understand working from home can also present additional challenges. A recent quote really brought this point home for me and has helped us adopt an even more empathetic viewpoint: we’re all in the same boat, but not the same storm.

So during this time, we hope you are all staying safe, healthy, and strong. We will navigate this, together. And DSN is here to help you, in any way we can.

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