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The Calm During the Storm

UPDATE: As a follow-up to our post below, DSN’s offices and team were fortunate and suffered no damage. DSN did not have any interruption in case processing or deliverables. We resumed functioning under standard procedures as of Tuesday, September 18, 2018. As you probably saw in the media, many parts of North Carolina have been declared disaster areas and there are thousands of people who have been displaced. Please keep them in your thoughts as our state recovers during the next few months. We thank you for your business and look forward to our continued partnership!


DSN Clients & Partners,

As you are aware Hurricane Florence is expected to reach the Carolinas this weekend. Drug Safety Navigator is taking steps to reduce risk to our staff and to continue to provide critical services to our customers during this weather-related incident.

DSN Safety Database (Argus) and our record management system are cloud based. This enables our staff to work remotely, so they do not have to travel during the storm, and for DSN to continue to provide services to our customer during this period.In the next few days we will be actively working to process cases ahead of time.

As the storm reaches the Raleigh Durham area, we will be activity monitoring our staff ability to work remotely (have power and internet access) and that critical deliverables are being met. We also have staff that will be working remotely outside of the hurricane band, including our Medical Reviewer, which will add to our ability to meet key deliverables.

Post storm, we will provide you a summary of services provided during the incident and any actions that were implemented during and after the incident.

Let us know if you have any question or concerns.Please be safe everyone!

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